Beyond The Bookshelf with Tenecia Nicole

This was the most interesting interview that I’ve had so far. Check it out!

“In this episode, Tenecia Nicole sits with Barbara Howard and they discuss the backstory behind her book Final Harvest. The conversation Tenecia Nicole has with Barbara centers around character development, reader feedback and the Texas winter storm. Visit Barbara Howard on her website:​ and check out the promos she mentioned during the episode. About Final Harvest: Traci Simmons has been fired from another job and must decide if it’s time to give up her home and start fresh in another town. But, when her elderly neighbor dies mysteriously, she is pulled into leading a crusade to save the neighbor’s urban farm and find the killer. Through her new and unexpected relationship with these invisible people, Traci faces her own insecurities to learn what home really means.”

Podcast: Who Owns Your Truth?

In this episode I discuss our book club selection, The Mother of Black Hollywood by Jenifer Lewis, and how the group was split into two camps with completely opposite reactions to the book. When writing a memoir, do you own the entire process? Or, are the other people involved have a right to address your account of the experience and how you convey the interactions? I would love to hear from you on this topic. Listen to Barbara Howard’s Podcast on Spotify.

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