Quarantine Quilting Project #1

It was HARD to finish this quilt while being vigilant about the pandemic updates, checking in on our elders and family working with infected patients, sewing over 100 facemasks and Priority mailing them around the country. It was HARD to finish something so totally unrelated to helping my people survive spiritually, emotionally and physically. Something selfish and private and colorful. It was a goal that boxed me in and sat my expanding backside in the chair to sew. A quilt a month. That’s MY goal. At midnight straight up, I finished Big Grape (I’ve wrestled so long with it, I gave it a nickname). Tomorrow I ship it to my cousin who loves purple and son loves blue. Surprise! We win the day. We still set goals and stick to them. We still make promises and keep them. Our souls have not drowned in despair, in spite of. In spite of. Yes, in spite of. It’s not the best work, it’s just another attempt to make something of the pieces. And, win another day.

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