Queen of Swords and Silence Insider’s Circle Giveaway

Last month I gave away a digital copy of The Healer’s Love by Kierra L. Rose to a member of my Insider’s Circle.

This month it is Queen of Swords and Silence by Carrow Brown. Fantasy/Horror,

Random drawing, One lucky winner. Kindle edition. US Residents only.
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A literal man-eater, Ghost was born…damaged.

A Valkyrie without a purpose. Working as an Enforcer and servant to the grumpy Master of the Well of Knowledge doesn’t leave Ghost a lot of time to dwell on the small stuff. Like why her Valkyrie sisters call her an abomination, why Odin has abandoned her, or why her possessed sword, Silence, can’t figure out a simple haiku. When she is hired to assassinate a Mythic gone bad her problems continue to multiply. Not only are Mythics disappearing but she has been tasked with retrieving a missing book that leaves her with a lot more questions than answers. Ghost discovers there is a lot more going on behind the scenes of the Mythical Realm than she once thought.

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