Insider’s Circle December 2020 Random Drawing

Hello everybody!

The book for the December Random Drawing is #SavvyBusinessOwner by Savy Leiser – Author To enter the drawing simply sign up for my Insider’s Circle newsletter! It’s absolutely free and you receive First Chapters of all my projects! Click on the Pretty Pink Gift Box on this page!

Here’s the description of #SavvyBusinessOwner WARNING: This book is NOT for BossBabes who want to build an empire. This book will NOT teach you how to get rich, especially not quickly. This is a book of SPECIFIC tips for SMALL business owners! This book is not going to motivate you. If you need SAVY, who’s likely a stranger you met on the internet, to tell you that “you can do it,” then you might not be ready to start a business. This is more than a self-help book targeted at entrepreneurial women. In this book, SAVY tells the full story behind the award-winning book and toy business The Furever Home Friends: from raising the money to start it , to registering and LLC, and more. You’ll learn how to craft a sales pitch, how to generate startup capital, and more, all while SAVY gushes about cute dogs. If you hated Girl, Stop Apologizing, you’ll love #SavvyBusinessOwner.

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