Tips To Help You Find Comps For Your Novel

Book comps, sometimes known as “comparative titles,” are frequently requested of authors in order to assist publishers, agents, and readers evaluate the commercial viability of their writing. Book comps are publications that, whether in terms of genre, tone, subject matter, or writing style, have some resemblance to the author’s own work. Authors may help pitch their books to agents and publishers by finding strong book comps, and they can also assist readers by letting them know what to expect from the book.

  1. Identify your target audience: Who do you envision reading your book? Is it young adult, adult, or middle-grade? Is it a specific genre, like romance, thriller, or historical fiction? Knowing your target audience and genre will help you identify books that are similar and can serve as effective comps.
  2. Research popular books in your genre: Look for books that are currently trending or have recently been published in your genre. These books may be similar in tone, subject matter, or style to your own work, and can be used as comps to help market your book to agents, publishers, and readers.
  3. Use online resources: There are several online resources that can help you find book comps, including Goodreads, Amazon, and BookBub. Search for books in your genre, read their descriptions and reviews, and look for books that share similar themes or writing styles.
  4. Ask beta readers or critique partners for recommendations: If you have a group of beta readers or critique partners, ask them if they can suggest works that are comparable to yours. They could have knowledge of your work that will aid in your search for strong book comparisons.
  5. Keep in mind that book comps should be novels that, whether in genre, tone, subject matter, or style, are in some way comparable to your own writing. To explain the distinctive attraction of your book to agents, publishers, and readers, use book comparisons as a marketing tool.

Effective book comparisons may assist an author show that their work has a specific target demographic and can appeal to people who like novels like their own. Agents and publishers may find it simpler as a result to promote the book and draw in readers who will likely appreciate it. Additionally, authors may learn more about their own writing style and the distinctive attractiveness of their work by locating book comparisons. Finding book comps is a crucial step in the publication process that may aid authors in successfully marketing their writing and drawing readers.

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