AuthorTube Newbie Tag Video

Guess what? I have a Youtube channel and joined the AuthorTube community. I posted my first video sharing my answers to the AuthorTube New Tag questions. If you’re not familiar with AuthorTube, it’s an online community of writers who share their experiences and expertise. There are challenges and tags, writing sprints and vlogs. It’s a lot of fun and I’m exited about participating. Here’s my Youtube video. I hope you enjoy it!

Diamonds I Hide

Or Street Names and Writer’s Block

Sometimes you get stuck on the simplest little things when crafting a story. The name of a character, city, color or song choices. I can brainstorm ideas and lists for days. So one day I decided to make those moments meaningful.

Now I pick street names from an abandoned steel mill my ancestors worked at back in the day. And continue looking to those lost people and places for help.

Diamonds I hide inside the book just for me.