New Crime Fiction Anthology – Malice, Matrimony, and Murder

I’m thrilled to announce that I have a new short story coming out this year. It will be included with the Malice, Matrimony, and Murder anthology along with a bunch of other brand-new cozy mystery and cozy crime fiction stories written by my author friends.

The anthology will be starting off as a Kickstarter campaign, and I’d love to invite you to back it. Why would you want to? First, you will have early access to the anthology, which won’t publish until late this year. But Kickstarter backers will receive the ebook version at least two months prior to its public release. These are all brand-new stories, so you won’t be able to find them this early anywhere else.

Second, the Kickstarter gives you access to a bunch of extras, like a chance to have your name included in the book’s Acknowledgments section, and an exclusive guide to help you solve the overarching Wedding Whodunit woven throughout the anthology. You could also choose to have one of the Wedding Whodunit characters named after you or a loved one! These rewards won’t be available to anyone besides our Kickstarter backers.

Third, you’ll get to be a part of our publishing process. The Kickstarter not only comes with rewards for you, but for me and my fellow authors as well. A successful campaign will make it possible for us to publish a paperback version of the anthology and to pursue some advertising opportunities to help connect us with new readers.

So how do you support the campaign? It’s easy! Visit our Kickstarter page and click “Notify me on launch” so you’ll be informed when our campaign goes live in May. You may need to set up a free Kickstarter account if you don’t have one already, and clicking that “Notify” button in no way obligates you to anything. All it means is you’ll receive an email when our campaign launches. Since this opportunity will only be available for a limited time and once the Kickstarter is over so is access to all of the campaign extras, this will just help to make sure you don’t miss out. You can decide whether you’re truly interested in backing the campaign once it’s live and you can see all of the details for yourself.

Thank you for your interest and support! I’m excited for you to be a part of this journey with me.

New Release: A Cup of Secrets – A Trace of Lace

I’m so excited to share with you that my newest release includes two short stories! The release date is February 8, 2022, sold exclusively on Amazon. I love the cover, don’t you?

Enjoy two short stories from the Finding Home series featuring Milo and Jules. The couple is busy juggling time between preparing for Jules’ college graduation and Milo building their new business venture.

A Cup of Secrets — Debutante Chelsea Parker’s birthday celebration launched his catering business into an overnight success, but Milo is thrown into the center of a murder investigation before dawn with his business partner and love of his life as the primary suspect.

A Trace of Lace — On the eve of his wedding day, Milo gets the news of a serial killer near Birston College and the entire campus has been on put on lockdown. His guardian angel, Traci steps in as Milo prepares to do whatever is necessary to protect his fiance. Will they intervene in time to save Jules? Or, will Traci’s intuition lead them into another deadly confrontation?