New Release: A Cup of Secrets – A Trace of Lace

I’m so excited to share with you that my newest release includes two short stories! The release date is February 8, 2022, sold exclusively on Amazon. I love the cover, don’t you?

Enjoy two short stories from the Finding Home series featuring Milo and Jules. The couple is busy juggling time between preparing for Jules’ college graduation and Milo building their new business venture.

A Cup of Secrets — Debutante Chelsea Parker’s birthday celebration launched his catering business into an overnight success, but Milo is thrown into the center of a murder investigation before dawn with his business partner and love of his life as the primary suspect.

A Trace of Lace — On the eve of his wedding day, Milo gets the news of a serial killer near Birston College and the entire campus has been on put on lockdown. His guardian angel, Traci steps in as Milo prepares to do whatever is necessary to protect his fiance. Will they intervene in time to save Jules? Or, will Traci’s intuition lead them into another deadly confrontation?  

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